• Water Horse, 2011

    Water Horse, 2011

    Time and tide reveal actual and imagined Hudson River secrets, Edgewater, NJ, 2011

  • Restrained, 2010

    Restrained, 2010

    An antique carousel horse in Lafayette NJ.

  • Caged, 2010

    Caged, 2010

    A bird-caged toy horse at an antique shop in Lafayette NJ.

  • Equine Symmetry, 2010

    Equine Symmetry, 2010

    Grazing horses on Middle Road in Chilmark MA.

  • Herded, 2010

    Herded, 2010

    A collection of ceramic horses under glass in Lafayette NJ.

  • Glass Pony 2, 2010

    Glass Pony 2, 2010

    Glass pony and glass container illuminated in sunlit window in Saratoga Springs NY.

  • Duke of Stars, 2010

    Duke of Stars, 2010

    Duke, from New Hampshire, wears a consellation of stars at the 2010 West Tisbury MA Agricultural Fair.

  • Honey's Mule, 2010

    Honey's Mule, 2010

    Honey's farm in West Tisbury MA is the home to my favorite mule.

  • Startled


    Antique toy horse startled by bright sunlight in Saratoga Springs NY.

  • Shelved, 2010

    Shelved, 2010

    Wooden toy horse awaiting buyer in Lafayette NJ.

  • The Shape of the Land, 2010

    The Shape of the Land, 2010

    Grazing horses at Nip N'Tuck Farm West Tisbury MA.

  • Harnessed, 2010

    Harnessed, 2010

    A pair of collectable toy horses, tagged and ready for sale in Lafayette NJ

  • Duest For Keith, 2010

    Duest For Keith, 2010

    Siblings at Blackthorn Farm in West Tisbury MA. A tribute to photographer, Keith Carter.